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112-2 DINE & CHAT

Sign up 2024/5/20(Monday) Self study and exploration 6

Sign up 2024/5/08(Wednesday) Graduation = Unemployment? Why not take a look at these well-paid jobs

Sign up 2024/5/06(Monday) Self study and exploration 5


Sign up 2024/4/22(Monday) Self study and exploration 4

Sign up 2024/4/17(Wednesday) “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”- those “meat” in the aquaculture

Sign up 2024/4/08(Monday) Self study and exploration 3


Sign up 2024/3/27(Wednesday)Are vitamins pills are the best medication? The comparison of health insurance in different countries

Sign up 2024/3/25(Monday)Self study and exploration 2

Sign up 2024/3/11(Monday)Self study and exploration 1


Sign up 2024/2/26(Monday)SOS! The polar bears need your help!



Expired 2023/12/18(Monday)That’s talk about those cool stuff from my hometown 

Expired 2023/12/04(Monday)Will kangaroo or deer meat be a solution of the current food crisis? Unboxing the interesting food around the world

Expired 2023/11/20(Monday)What is a “prosecutor”? A comparison between different judicial systems in prosecuting

Expired 2023/11/06(Monday)What? The tuition for a year costs 100,000USD?! - a comparison between different education systems

Expired 2023/10/23(Monday)Life saving tips to avoid being broke! 

Expired 2023/10/16(Monday)Where’s next? Where should we go on an eco backpacker trip?  




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