Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

Each year, we admit around 150 students into the LL.B. program at the College of Law. Although most of the LL.B. students are Taiwanese, the program is also open to international students.


Academic Requirements:

Students enrolled in this program are anticipated to graduate within 4 years with the longest possible extension of 2 years (6 years in total).



Legal Science Division, Adjudication Division, Economic and Financial Law Division (apply to all the divisions)

Courses Required by

the Department of Law

(63 credits)


Constitution (4)

Civil Code - General Principles (3)

Criminal Code - General Principles (I) (3)

Criminal Code - General Principles (II) (3)

Civil Code - General Provisions of Obligations (I) (3)


Administrative Law (4)

Administrative Remedy Law (2)

Civil Code - Property (3)

Civil Code - General Provisions of Obligations (II) (3)

Civil Code - Kinds of Obligations (3)

Civil Code - Family and Succession Law (3)

Criminal Code - Kinds of Offenses (4)

International Law (2)

Jurisprudence (2)

Legal History (2)

Negotiable Instruments and Payment Law (2)*


General Principles on Commercial Law and Corporation (3)

Insurance Code (2)

Code of Civil Procedure (I), (II) (6)

Code of Criminal Procedure (4)

Labor Law (2)*

Fair Trade Law (2)*  

Securities Regulation (2)*

 (*symbol means that you only need to choose two (4 credits) from the four courses)

Elective Courses Required by the Department of Law

20 credits

General Elective Courses

23 credits


20 credits

Liberal Education Courses

12 credits

15 credits

General Required Core Courses of NTU

College Chinese (6)

Freshman English (6)

Online English Program (Advanced English) (I), (II) (0)

Service Learning (a), (b) (0)

Physical Fitness (1)

Physical Activity and Exercise (3)

Total Credits for Graduation

130 credits



Notice for Course Selection: 

A: Credits Limitation for Each Semester

















B: General Required Core Courses of NTU

  1. Freshman international students DO NOT need to register for College Chinese or Freshman English via the online course selection system. You will be automatically registered after the Chinese and English Proficiency Test. Please note that you will be able to take "College Chinese" or "Freshman English",  which are credits required to graduate, only if you take the proficiency exams.
  2. Students who meet one of the requirements set can apply for waiving "Freshman English" and "Online English Program (Advanced English) ". Please check carefully the deadline for application, and only Freshman could apply for waiving Freshman English before their first semester in NTU.
  3. Students should take "Service Learning" for two semester. There is no limitation on their course title, which means it can be aa, bb, or ab.
  4. Physical Education courses (including Physical Fitness & Physical Activity and Exercise, 4 credits in total) DO NOT count towards graduation credits.

C: Liberal Education Courses

  1. Liberal Education courses consist of eight core areas (A1~A8). There is no limitation on core areas for international students; however, Overseas Chinese students should follow the regulation for local students.
  2. The departmental courses approved and publicized by the Center for General Education can be counted towards the Liberal Education requirement (with a "*" signal next to their area codes on the NTU Online Course). Nevertheless, if the course is provided by our department or is the "Courses Required by the Department of Law", , it is forbidden to be counted towards fulfillment of the student’s Liberal Education requirement.
  3. An excess of Liberal Education courses credits (without the "*" signal next to their area codes) DO NOT count towards graduation credits.

D: Elective Courses 

  1. Credits earned from the courses provided by our department whose Curriculum Identity Number start with "A01" or "A21" and the following courses provided by other departmentswill be regarded as "Elective Courses Required by the Department of Law" credit:
    1. Elementary Logic 
    2. Calculus
  2. There must be 2 credits earned from the course whose course title starts with "Seminar on..." among the 20 "Elective Courses Required by the Department of Law" credits.
  3. An excess of "Elective Courses Required by the Department of Law" credits (20 credits) will be counted as "General Elective Courses" credits.
  4. Credits earned from "Freshman Seminar" or "Freshman Forum" can be counted as "General Elective Courses" credits.
  5. Credits earned from retaking the course with the same "Course Title" or "Curriculum Identity Number" DO NOT count towards graduation credits. Neither do the credits earned from the Constitution course offered by other departments.

E: Withdrawal

  1. If students want to withdraw from one specific course, please pay close attention to the deadline set by NTU and apply within it. Under special circumstances, the deadline can be extended to the day before the exam starts, but supporting document is needed in this case. 
  2. According to the regulation of our department, if students want to withdraw from more than one course, there should be reasonable grounds and supporting document is also needed. Only after students get the approval from the administration staff of our department can they withdraw the second course.


※For application document that require the signature of the dean of our department, please submit it to the office and we will help transfer it to the dean.