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On-campus Transportation

NTU Campus Map
Before you get familiar with the NTU campus, or every time you need to check for a new campus place, we encourage you to use the Interactive NTU Campus Map. It is a handy tool that includes all the essential information about the NTU buildings, services and facilities.

You can download the digital fiiles of the campus map on the NTU website

Explore the NTU campus in VR


Shuttle Buses

If you would like to go to the College of Medicine or Academia Sinica, the school shuttle bus is at your service. You can get a free ride simply by showing your student ID to the bus driver. Please go to the website of the Office of General Affairs to download the latest version of the NTU Campus Shuttle Bus Schedule.



Ubike or Youbike is an efficient bike rental program offered by the Taipei City Department of Transportation and Giant Bikes. Generally, you will be able to find a Youbike station at every MRT station and next to every department on campus. To rent a Youbike you will need a registered (online or at the kiosk) EasyCard (your student card works as one) and a local mobile number. 

There are two Ubike systems: 1.0 and 2.0. Both can be found on the NTU campus. The Ubike 2.0 system additionally allows you to rent by using a smartphone. To find the closest Ubike station you can search Ubike 1.0 or 2.0 in Google maps. Or use the Ubike Apps that can be downloaded on Android and iOS (only in Chinese).

For more information, please refer to: YouBike


Personal Bike

At NTU, almost everyone has a bike to quickly travel between classrooms within our large campus, and is one of the most convenient ways to commute among students. 

Where and how to get a bike?

There are used bike auctions from time to time at the Shui Yuan bicycle towing area for NTU students, staff, and faculty members. The price will not be more than NTD 1,200 for each and the price depends on the condition. For more information please refer to the “used bike auction section” of the Bicycle Parking Management System. 

Bicycle Parking Permit

Every bicycle parked on the campus needs a parking permit. A bicycle without a parking permit can be towed away. After 2 months, the unclaimed bicycles will be disposed. 

For applying for the bicycle parking permit, please refer to the “Bicycle Parking Management System”.

Bicycle towing and claiming

Your bike will be towed away if you do not park it properly. If your bike was towed go to the Bicycle Parking Management System to search for your bike, and go to the Shui Yuan bicycle towing area to claim your bike.

For more detailed information about bicycles on campus, please refer to the Bicycle Parking Management System

The NTU regulations regarding the use of bikes on campus can be found here “Regulations of Campus Traffic in National Taiwan University” ( only in Chinese ). 


Off-campus Transportation


The Taipei MRT ( Mass Rapid Transit) is a modern transportation system connecting different regions of the city and its vicinities. Currently, there are ten metro lines in the MRT system. 

NTU is located close to the Gongguan MRT station on the Songshan-Xindian (Green) line and the Technology Building MRT station on the Wenhu (Brown) Line. Students can take the MRT to travel to other parts of the city. To pay for your travel fare you can use your NTU Student ID Card that functions as an EasyCard. You can add value directly to your NTU Student ID Card at all MRT stations and convenience stores. 

Taipei Metro map:

Taipei Metro website:


Downtown Buses

Taipei public transportation also includes frequent and punctual public buses. You can pay for the bus fares also by using your student ID that works as an Easycard. 

To check bus schedules and routes please visit this website:


College of Law

College of Law is located next to the XinHai Gate at the north point of the NTU campus in Taipei City. There are two law buildings-Tsai Lecture Hall (Building 1) and Wan Tsai Research Hall (Building 2).

You may arrive the Law buildings either by MRT or bus.


By MRT, you may take Wenhu Line (Brown Line) to Technology Building Station and take a 10-minute walk along FuXing S. Road to FuXing-XinHai intersection, where the XinHai Gate is. The Tsai Lecture Hall will be on the left hand side of the Gate.

Or you may take Songshan-Xindian Line (Green Line) to GongGuan Station and take a 15-minute walk across the campus.

By Bus

You can also arrive College of Law by buses at Youth Activity Center, HePing Senior High School, Fuxing South Road Intersection, and Gongguan Station.

Stop Buses Lines
Youth Activity Center 237、295、298、298 Shuttle、949、1068、1550A
HePing Senior High School 1、254、275、275 Sub、294、611、650、707、905、905 Sub、906、906 Sub、909、913、935、NK(Shuanghe)
Keelung And Changxing Intersection 1、207、275、295、207、672、688、707、906、907、909、913、NK(Shuanghe)
Fuxing S.Rd. Entrance 18、52、72、235、72、207、284、295、688、953、R57 、Heping Main Line、Fuxing Main Line


The Department Office

The department office is located on the 6th Floor of Tsai Lecture Hall (Building 1).The office will help you with admission questions you may have, assist with graduation requirements and provide consultation regarding your studying at College of Law.
You are welcome to visit us during weekdays from 9 A.M to 5 P.M.


Long Distance Transportation 

In Taiwan, there are three main ways to travel for a long distance on the road:highway bus, train and high speed railway. For more information please refer to the following websites:

Highway bus:

Taiwan railways:

High speed rail:


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