Chien-Liang Lee

  • Name: Chien-Liang Lee
  • Title: 教授
  • Education: 德國哥廷根大學法學博士
  • Tel: 68923
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Professor Chien-Liang Lee, Dr. jur., Göttingen University, is Research Professor at the Institutum Iurisprudentiae at Academia Sinica and Professor at NTU. His main fields of research include constitutional law, administrative law and environmental protection law, and he emphasizes the local application of legal theory. In addition to researching in positive law, Professor Lee also investigates the history of legal systems and the deduction of legal principles. His most acclaimed works are Constitutional Theory and Practice I (1999), Constitutional Theory and Practice II(2000), Constitutional Theory and Practice III (2004) and Evolution of Ideas of Human Right (2010), as well as more than one hundred research papers. Professor Lee teaches Seminar on Environmental Law, Seminar on the Theory of Constitutional Rights, Seminar on the History of Constitutional Law, Advanced Administrative Law, and Case Studies in Administrative Law.