Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Tel: 68927
  • email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Research interests: Financial Regulation, Corporate Governance, Capital Market Regulation, International Economic Laws, Law and Economics
  • Teaching Areas: Financial Laws, Banking Laws, Corporate Laws, Securities Laws, Commercial Laws
  • Education: S.J.D. Harvard Law School (2017), LL.M. Harvard Law School (2012), LL.M. National Taiwan University Law School (2010), LL.B. National Taiwan University Law School (2005).


Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang is an associate professor at National Taiwan University Law School. He received his LL.B and LL.M at National Taiwan University in 2005 and 2010 respectively, and he also practiced law at Jones Day International Law Firm during that period. In 2011, sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, he commenced his LL.M and S.J.D. studies at Harvard University Law School and received the S.J.D. degree in 2017. Currently, his research interest focuses mainly on financial regulation, corporate governance, and international economics, including FinTech, financial institution governance, financial consumer protection, capital markets, international finance, law and economics, WTO laws, etc.

Journal Papers

Title Date Pages
Disciplining CBDCs: Achieving the Balance between the Privacy Protection and Central Bank Independence, 43(3) Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business (co-authored with Cheng-Yun Tsang and Ping-Kuei Chen, correspondence author) 2023 235-289
The Financial Regulation of Interested Transactions under Taiwan’s Banking Act, 52(4) National Taiwan University Law Journal (Chinese) 2023 1647-1734
The Law and Economics Perspective of Financial Consumer Protection Laws and Regulations: Focusing on the Application of Behavioral Economics, 339 Taiwan Law Review (Chinese) 2023 19-41
The Comparative Development of Crypto-Asset Regulation and the Proposal on the Regulatory Structure for Taiwan, 335 Taiwan Law Review (Chinese) 2023 39-63
An Empirical Study on Corporate Governance and Management Diversity: Focusing on Female Participation in the Management of Taiwan’s Banks, 5(1) Taiwan Financial and Economic Law Review (Chinese) 2023 303-340
When Jurisdiction Rules Meet Blockchain: Can the Old Bottle Contain the New Wine?, 6(1) Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy 2023 137-155
The Crowd's Wisdom in Smart Contract Dispute Resolution: Is Crowdsourced Dispute Resolution Arbitration?, 15(2) Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal 2022 175-203
The Regulatory Perimeter for Crypto-Asset Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and International Standards: Comments on Taiwan's 'Regulations Governing Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism for Enterprises Handling Virtual Currency Platform or Transaction, 9 Legal Aid and Society Review (Chjnese) 2022 93-140
Prepayment Business and the Financial Regulatory Perimeter for Taiwan’s Money Transmission Laws, 324 Taiwan Law Review (Chinese) 2022 162-180
Development in the Law in 2020: Corporate Laws and Securities Exchange Laws, 50(S) National Taiwan University Law Review (Chinese) 2021 1573-1605
The Financial Regulation of Decentralized Finance and Smart Contracts, 316 Taiwan Law Review (Chinese) 2021 53-72
The Rule-making Function of Commercial Courts on Commercial Laws: No. 770 Interpretation, Bills of Business Merger and Acquisition Act, and the Appraisal Price Ruling of Commercial Court, 310 Taiwan Law Review (Chinese) 2021 97-116
Reflection on the Reform Direction of Taiwan’s Listing Rules Based on the Recent Development of Direct Listings in the United States, 3(1) Taiwan Financial and Economic Law Review (Chinese) 2021 191-234
The Challenges to Financial Regulation in the FinTech Era: Envisaging the Regulatory Structure for Crypto-Asset Trading Platforms, 49(S) National Taiwan University Law Journal (Chinese) 2020 1309-1396
The Prudential Regulation of the Financial Systemic Risks of Taiwan’s Shadow Banks: Strengthening the Lender of Last Resort Regime of Central Banks, 27 Academia Sinica Law Journal (Chinese) 2020 141-230
The Legal Characterization of Crypto Asset: Focusing on Private Laws and Financial Laws (Chinese) 2020 43-63
Design the Clearing Laws for Securities Tokens: Focusing on the Central Deposit Requirements for Uncertificated Securities, 59 Property and Economic Law Journal (Chinese) 2020 43-79
Should The Proud Dragon Repent? A Relative Theory for China’s State Capitalist Banking Sector Based on East Asia's Experience, 43(2) Hastings International and Comparative Law Review 2020 259-318
Comments on the Latest Reform of Law on Mergers and Acquisitions between Financial Institutions by the Financial Supervisory Commission: On the Choice of Financial Regulatory Models (Chinese) 2020 113-133
The Corporate Governance of Public Companies, Institutional Investors, and Shareholder Activism, 2(1) Taiwan Financial and Economic Law Review (Chinese) 2020 385-430
The Challenges to Securities Regulatory Thinking in the Blockchain Era: Comments on the Latest Regulatory Guidelines for Securities Token Offerings Issued by Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission, 48(S) National Taiwan University Law Journal (Chinese) 2019 1279-1374
The Direction for Reforming the Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions: Focusing on Independent Directors and Nominating Committees, 48(2) National Taiwan University Law Journal (Chinese) 2019 683-750
Government Ownership of Banks: A Curse or a Blessing for the United States?,10(3) William & Mary Business Law Review 2019 667-735
The Cloud for Dragons and the Wind for Tigers: Bank Governance Reform in China and an Executive-Based Proposal, 24(2) Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance 2019 47-102
Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons on the Great Wall Street: Decoding the Corporate Governance of Chinese Commercial Banks, 28(1) Washington International Law Journal 2019 1-63
The New Company Act and the Past and Future of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Legislative Structure and Court Practices of Taiwan’s Corporate Social Responsibility Theory, 18(1) Chung Cheng Financial and Economic Law Review (Chinese) 2019 43-92
RegTech and the New Era of Financial Regulators: Envisaging More Public-Private-Partnership Models of Financial Regulators, 21(2) University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law (co-authored with Cheng-Yun Tsang, first author) 2018 354-404
Government Ownership after the Partial Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises: The Corporate Governance Role of Government Shareholders in Privatized Enterprises, 51 Property and Economic Law Review 2018 113-64
The Evolving Prudential Exceptions in Regional Trade Agreements, 13(2) Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy 2018 395-441
State Capitalism, State-Owned Banks, and WTO's Subsidy Regime: Proposing an Institution Theory, 54(2) Stanford Journal of International Law (co-authored with Pin-Hsien Lee, first author) 2018 117-158
Haste Makes Waste: WTO, Pilot Free Trade Zones and Financial Experiments, 34(4) Wisconsin International Law Journal 2017 854-913
Is Moderation the Highest Virtue? A Comparative Study of a Middle Way of Control Transaction Regimes, 41(2) Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (co-authored with Pin-Hsien Lee, first author) 2017 393-460
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Taiwan, 622 The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science  (co-authored with Kuan-Ling Shen) 2009 301-309
Both a Moral Virtue and a Legal Duty: Revisiting the Duty of Collaboration Rule in WTO Dispute Settlement System, 1(2) Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal 2008 357-406

Papers in Collections

Title Date Pages
Ensuring the Board's Independence in Controlled Companies: An Enhanced Nominating Committee Proposal, in Current Legal Issues in American and Taiwanese Law (Laurent Mayali & Kuan-Ling Shen eds.) 2023 429-460
Trust in a Trustless World: Crypto-Asset Custodians, Trusts and Trust Regulation in Taiwan, in Asia-Pacific Trust Laws, Volume 2: Adaptation in Context (Ying Khai Liew & Ying-Chieh Wu eds.) 2022 111-128
Data Protection in the Big Data Era: The Broken Informed Consent Regime and the Way Forward, in Data Governance in AI, FinTech and LegalTech: Law and Regulation in the Financial Sector (Joseph Lee & Aline Darbellay eds.) 2022 58-77
Taiwan’s Trusts Law and Name-Borrowing Arrangements, in Asia-Pacific Trust Law: Theory and Practice in Context (Ying Khai Liew & Matthew Harding eds.) (co-authored with Wen-Yeu Wang) 2021 251-270
The Financial Application and Regulations of Artificial Intelligence, in Artificial Intelligence and Legal Challenges (Li-Ching Chang ed.) (Chinese) 2021 512-528
Securities Regulation and the Development of Institutional Investors: Focusing on the Regulation of Private Funds, in The Trend of Financial and Economic Law in the 21st Century: A Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor Kuo-Chuan Lin (Chinese) 2020 337-358
Envisaging an East Asian Model of Corporate Governance: A Developmental State Perspective, in Legal Thoughts Between the East and the West in the Multilevel Legal Order: A Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor Herbert Han-Pao Ma (Chang-Fa Lo et al. eds.) 2016 445-474
Reflection on the Prior Negotiation Exemption of Health-related Compulsory License under WTO: Started from Taiwan Tamiflu Compulsory License, in Scientific Evidence in International and European Law: Proceedings of the First Young Researchers Workshop on Science and Law (Maria Chiara Malaguti & Claudio Dordi eds.) 2011 162-182


Category Topics Dates Title
National Taiwan University  The Financial Consumer Protection of Emerging FinTech Services: Proposing a Light-Touch Approach for Regulating FinTech 2024/01/01-2026/12/31 Principal Investigator
National Science and Technology Council Rethinking the Financial Holdings Regulation in Taiwan: Oriented Toward a Financial Group Regulation Insight 2023/08/01-2026/07/31  Principal Investigator
World Trade Organization  WTO Chairs Programme (WCP) PHASE III 2022/01/01-2025/12/31 Co-Chair Holder
Central Deposit Insurance Corporation The Study of the Resolution Mechanism and Cases of Insolvent Financial Institutions with and without Systemic Risks 2023/07/01-2024-06/30 Principal Investigator
National Science and Technology Council The Humanity Issues and Legal Reflections in the Digital Society of AI Era 2022/08/01-2025/07/31 Co-Principal Investigator
Ministry of Science and Technology Digital Intelligent Courts, Legal Technology, and Access to Justice 2021/08/01-2024/07/31 Co-Principal Investigator
Ministry of Science and Technology Reshaping the Financial Regulatory Perimeter in the FinTech Era 2021/08/01-2023/07/31 Principal Investigator
National Taiwan University Securities Regulations in the Era of Blockchain: Focusing on the Regulation of Crypto Asset 2020/01/01-2022/12/31 Principal Investigator
Ministry of Justice Taiwan’s Legal Responses to Online Arbitration Mechanisms and Cross-Border Investment Arbitration 2022/06/01-2022/12/28 Co-Principal Investigator
Institute for Information Industry A Study on Solutions for Green Finance and Legal Adaptations in Practice 2022/06/09-2022/12/16 Principal Investigator
Ministry of Justice The Study on Purpose Trust Issues 2021/05/01-2021/11/30 Co-Principal Investigator
Ministry of Science and Technology Revisiting Taiwan’s Policy of Separation between Industry and Finance: Focusing on the Laws on Related-Party Credits 2019/08/01-2021/07/31 Principal Investigator
Taipei Foreign Exchange Market Development Foundation The Comparative Advantages of and Regulatory Recommendations for Taiwan’s Current Financial Holding Company Regime versus European Universal Bank Regime 2020/09/01-2021/06/30 Principal Investigator
Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation The Status Quo and Comparative Regulation of Securities Token Offerings 2020/02/21-2020/10/31 Principal Investigator
Ministry of Science and Technology Financial Regulations of the Systemic Risks of Shadow Banks 2018/05/01-2019/04/30 Principal Investigator


Title Date
Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Protection of Shareholders, Creditors, Employees, and Investors in Mergers and Acquisitions (Angle Publisher) 2011