Ming-Yan Shieh


  • 英文姓名: Ming-Yan Shieh
  • 職稱: Professor
  • 最高學歷: 德國慕尼黑大學法學博士
  • Tel: 3366-8925
  • email: shieh@ntu.edu.tw
  • 專業領域: 財產權法、民法、公平交易法


Receiving both his Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws from NTU, Professor Ming-Yan Shieh earned the Doctor of Laws from Munich University in 1990, since when he has been Professor of Law at NTU. Professor Shieh’s specialized fields include intellectual property rights law, fair trade law, internet law and civil law. Over the years, he has published a total of eight books as well as over eighty articles in various journals. Professor Shieh is a member of the Advisory Committee to the Intellectual Property Office.