Academic Events

Digital Markets Regulation

Incoming | 13:30-14:30, December 14, 2023

Venue: Room1701, 7F, Tsai Lecture Hall

Speaker: Prof. Ioannis Kokkoris

Coordinator: Prof. Chris Chao-Hung Chen (陳肇鴻教授)

Rules-Based  International Trade  in Times of Crisis?

Expired | 12:30-14:00, November 2, 2023

Venue: Room1701, 7F, Tsai Lecture Hall

Speaker: Prof. Peter Van den Bossche

Coordinator: Prof. Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang (楊岳平教授)

藉由比較法實現世界法?Ernst Zitelmann (1852-1923)的觀點

Expired | 15:30-17:30, October 18, 2023

Venue: Room1301, 3F, Tsai Lecture Hall

Speaker: Prof. Tilman Repgen

Coordinator: Prof. Kuan-Ling Shen (沈冠伶教授)

Latest News

Global Guests at NTU College of Law

OCT 23, 2023 | Welcome Professor James Devenney, Head of School and Professor of Transnational Commercial Law, University of Reading


Deadline OCT 13, 2023 | The nominations for dual-degree students for the second semester of Academic Year 2023-2024 is open!


Deadline March 17 | Recruiting: Editorial Assistants (English language)of  NTU Law Review 

Students Events

English Meetup-Dine&Chat

OCT 23 | Registration is now open


FEB 07 | The representatives of NTU College of Law has won 2023 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and earned the Taiwan region championship.


FEB 15 | The 2023 Exchange Student Orientation host by NTU Law