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Students and Prof. Tajimi Ryo from Hitotshubashi University Faculty of Law visited NTU College of Law on 2020/1/14 (Tue).

A joint symposium was conducted. The theme topic of the symposium was "Taiwan's Same Sex Marriage System".


週四, 28 十一月 2019 00:00

11/22 (Fri) Supreme Court Field Trip

11/22 (Fri) Students from NTU Law visited the Taiwan Supreme Court.

Cheif Judge "Deng" (middle) introduced the jurisdiction information and recent law reforms of the Supreme Court.

週三, 27 十一月 2019 00:00

11/26 (Tue) UC Berkeley Law Visit

11/26 (Tue) UC Berkeley Law visited NTU Law. Prof. Mayali gave a lecture talk on "Family Law" and Prof. Weisselberg gave a lecture talk on "Police Criminal Investigation". The moderators are NTU Law former Vice Dean Prof. Kuan-Ling Shen and Assist. Prof. Kai-Ping Su.

The open lecture co-conducted by Mr. Rick Grove and Mr. Jonanthan Ross introduced a series of financial marketing law topics including:

1. The impact of global political tension including the trade war on financial markets

2. Replacement of LIBOR - the key market benchmark

3. Global regulation of financial markets

4. The rise of specialist financial courts

5. Implications of current geo-political events for financial markets

6. The importance of rule of law for the financial markets

  • Time: 12:30-14:00
  • Location: NTU College of Law, Tsai Lecture Hall 7th Floor, Conference Room.1701


The Chief of Justice of Paraguay Supreme Court Visited NTU Law on August 5th, 2019. The reception was hosted by NTU Law Vice Dean Prof. Andrew Lin.

Prof. Anthony Casey of the University of Chicago Law School shared his recent research findings "A Structured-Renegotiation Theory of Corporate Bankruptcy." With NTU Law school students and professors.

In professor Casey's study, he pointed out the shortcomings and limitations of the mainstream “Creditors’ Bargain Theory” in bankruptcy law. Compared with the assumption of creditor's hypothetical negotiations before bankruptcy from the perspective of practical operations, Professor Casey believes that the operation after bankruptcy is more critical, and thus constructs this "structural renegotiation theory" (Structured-Renegotiation Theory).

On 3/14-3/15 The joint conference between University of Hamburg, Kyoto University, and NTU was held at Tsai Lecture Hall, NTU College of Law.

On 11/26The joint conference between Radboud University, Hong Kong University, and NTU Law was held at Tsai Lecture Hall, NTU.

On 11/23 The joint conference between Faculty of Law CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong) & NTU Law was held at Tsai Lecture Hall, NTU.

週一, 03 十二月 2018 00:00

Lord Hughes of Ombersley visited NTU Law

Former English judge of the U.K. Supreme Court visited NTU Law. The invitation lecture topic: Divergence and Convergence – How Can Taiwan Learn from Common Law?

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