Dean  Professor Chen, Tsung-Fu

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(02) 3366-8900

Vice Dean & Director of GIILS, Professor Wang, Huang-Yu

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(02) 3366-8900  

Vice Dean, Director of International Relations, Professor Lin, Jen-Guang

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(02) 3366-8900 

吳玉芳8167 4x6

Secretary   Ms. Wu, Yu-Fang

(02) 3366-8905
  • Internal Law School Conference Arrangements and Recording
    General coordination and contact

Section member   Ms. Lin, Fen-Hsiang

(02) 3366-8909
  • Faculty Hiring, Evaluation, Promotion, Recruiting, Leave
    NSC Affairs, Research subsidies, Awards
    Activities Planning, Execution

GIILS Teaching assistant   Mr. Lee, Ju-Chi

(02) 3366-8913 ; Law Journal (02) 3366-8916
mail: ; mail:
  • Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies
  • National Taiwan University Law Journal
  • Law Education Reform 
  • Executive Editor of Department Journals

Curriculum Teaching assistant    Ms. Wang, Chung-Ching

(02) 3366-8907 

Course scheduling and course related business
Departmental Curriculum Committee and College Curriculum Committee
Admissions Committee
Service Courses I, II, III, textbook purchasing and textbook Committee member

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Graudate Teaching assistant   Miss Wu, Tzy-Ying

(02) 3366-8912

Master and Ph.D student affairs
Student Affairs Committee member

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Undergraduate Teaching Assistant   Miss Lee,Yuan-Yi

(02) 3366-8911

General Undergraduate Student affairs (Teaching & student services)

吳文鈴5931 4x6

International Relations Senior Manager  Ms. Wu, Wen-Ling

(02) 3366-8915

International Visiting professors, Summer program, Visiting scholars, 
Co-ordination of higher education and deep farming plans

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International Relations Coordinator

(02) 3366-8961 

Exchange Program, Double Degree Program, International Degree Students.

Foreign Guest Reception

Contracts & Agreements.

吳瑞玲8002 4x6

Staff executive  Ms. Wu, Jui-Ling 

(02) 3366-8910
  • Access control, security, clean business management
    Surveillance system management and maintenance
    Surveillance system management and maintenance
    Wancaikan disaster prevention business
    Procurement (including green procurement) business
    Provisional matters
    Living learning grants
潘素珍8121 4x6

Fellow worker  Ms. Pan, Su-Chen

(02) 3366-8807 

Network management
Device registration
Item management

何靜宜8264 4x6

Venue Management Manager   Ms. Ho, Ching-Yi

(02) 3366-8906

Venue and area maintenance
Venue rentals and management


Clerk  Ms. Chen, Pei-Yi

(02) 3366-8908

Management of Department Property
Building service and mechanical equipment maintenance
Official Documents Transceiver
General affairs of office

林郁翔7057 4x6

Temporary Employee Mr. Lin,Yuh-Siang

(02) 3366-3366#55219 

Document delivery
General affairs of office



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