Health Services

Health Services

Students and faculties searching for medical assistance shall find the on-campus medical services at NTU Health Center located near by the main library on the Royal Palm Blvd.

NTU Insurance Policy

For foreign students, we advise you to purchase your own insurance in your home country before coming to Taiwan.
Please provide a proof of accident and medical insurance worth a minimum of TWD 1,000,000 (approx. USD 34,000) valid for the entire exchange period.
If you hold an Alien Residence Card (ARC) and have met the six-month minimum residency requirement, you can choose to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) with limited coverage. (Source: OIA.)

NTU Health Exam Policy

To meet NTU and government requirements, all incoming students must take a health exam by a qualified doctor and complete each examination listed on the NTU Incoming Exchange/Visiting Students Health Exam Form. You can complete your examination and submission in one of the following ways:
Get the health exam done in your home country and upload the NTU Health Exam Form by September 01 (First semester) / February 01 (Second semester), or submit it in to the department office on registration day.
If you failed to complete the health exam in your home country, you can choose to take the exam at NTU Hospital (instructions) once you arrive in Taiwan and submit the results to OIA. However, if you need to change to a Resident Visa, be aware that you will have to take the health exam for the Resident Visa in a Ministry-designated hospital, in which NTU Hospital is not included. You can also take both the Resident Visa and NTU Health Exam forms at a designated hospital and ask them to fill out the results on both forms. As it takes 5-7 days for the health exam results, students who take the exam in Taiwan and cannot receive the report by registration day should sign an agreement to submit the health exam form within two weeks. 
Please be advised that failing to submit health examination will prohibit you from completing the registration. (Source: OIA.)