NTU has 2 types of accommodation available. We offer shared accommodations and single studio apartments.

  1. Shared Accommodation:

There are two types of shared accommodations: 2 bed dorms and 4 bed dorms. Generally, shared accommodations are quite limited due to the high demand, so students wishing to take advantage of these dorm rooms must register immediately upon their admission to NTU. These dorm rooms are extremely affordable but may not be suitable for students who desire greater privacy and independence. On the other hand, students wishing to master Chinese language and meeting new friends may discover this type of accommodation to be quite useful.

  1. Studio Apartments

NTU has partnered with private corporation to provide alternative housing options to students. There are two apartment blocks available to students offering nearly identical style studio apartments. Students can take advantage of Prince Dorms or Shui Yuan Dorms. Each room has a bed, a desk, closet space and a personal bathroom with standup shower. These studio apartments are significantly more expensive, costing approximately 300USD per month. Students are also responsible for all utilities which are about 50USD per month.

Although this type of accommodation offers greater privacy to students, the Corporation has a number of regulations that should be considered by students before selecting a residence. No visitors are allowed after 11pm, cooking is forbidden and no overnight guests are allowed on residence.

Please consult the links below for more information on residence. Please note: upon your admission to NTU, OIA will send you a residence package with all required information. Thus, students do not need to make individual dorm applications and OIA will assist students with housing. As with all campus accommodations, there are no guarantees that students will receive an onsite room.

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