Sieh-chuen Huang


  • 職稱: Associate Professor
  • email:
  • Research interests: Family Law, Estates and Trusts, Intergenerational Property Transfer in Aged Society
  • Teaching Areas: Family Law, Estates and Trusts, Property
  • Education: Doctor of Juridical Science, Hokkaido University



Professor Sieh-Chuen Huang is an associate professor of civil law. She received her Bachelor Degree of Laws from NTU, Taiwan (2001) and the master and doctoral degree (Doctor of Juridical Science) from Hokkaido University, Japan (2004 and 2006). Professor Huang has been an assistant professor of law at Hokkaido University (2006-2009), and a visiting scholar at East Asian Legal Studies Program, Harvard Law School (2008-2009). She joined the College of Law at NTU in August 2009 and focuses her research interests on family law, guardianship, trusts and estates, and intergenerational property transfer in aged society. Her major publications include An Analysis on the Images and Principles of Succession, 40 National Taiwan University L.J. 2185-2247 (2011), Social Change and Testament Law in Taiwan, 22 J. of Faculty of Law Ryutsu Keizai University 71-104 (2012), Adult Guardianship in Taiwan: A Focus on Guardian Financial Decision-Making and the Family's Role, 9 J. Int'l Aging L. & Pol'y 127-150 (2016). Further imformation see