Chung-Wu Chen


  • 職稱: Professor
  • Tel: 3366-8951
  • email:
  • 專業領域: 契約法 .民事責任法 .消費者保護法
  • Research interests: Contract, Tort, Property Law, Consumer Protection
  • Teaching Areas: French Legal Writing, General Principles of Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Property Law, Seminars on Civil Liability
  • Office Hour: Wed. 14:00~17:00


 Professor Chung-Wu Chen completed his Bachelor and Master degrees of Laws at NTU before becoming a qualified attorney in Taiwan. In 1997, he acquired his Ph.D. (Docteur en droit) from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. His Ph.D. thesis, entitled ''Apparence et représentation en droit positif français'', was published in June 2000 by LGDJ, Paris, France (Bibliothéque de droit privé tome 340). Professor Chen specializes in civil law and consumer protection law. Since he joined the faculty of the College of Law, Professor Chen has published extensively in law journals in Taiwan and France. As a director of several research projects supported by National Science Council, he is also a member of the Civil Law Research Center at NTU. Professor Chen dedicates himself to researches of the two main fields of civil law: Contract and Civil Liability. In an attempt to question the hypothesis that “equality of socio-economic status exits between private parties”, through investigating needs for social change and development in Taiwan, Professor Chen re-examines development of relevant legal systems, jurisprudence and judicial practice to discover new perspectives on some key issues of civil law. He wishes to establish an optimal legal model leading to “accident compensation system” that corresponds to social reality and satisfies people’s need, that is, he proposes for a set of universal and common legal principles to provide accident victims with sufficient and reasonable compensation. This legal model is anticipated to mitigate State’s costs of dispute resolution, and prompt reasonable and efficient utilization of judicial resources. Professor Chen has been visiting scholar in University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2004, 2008) and University of Strasbourg Robert-Schuman (2010). Since many years, he has participated in the revisions of Civil Code Title III Property and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act. He has been granted several awards : Dissertation Award of University of ParisⅠ(1997) ; NTU Excellent Teaching Awards (6 times), NTU Research Contribution Award in Humanities and Social Sciences (2004), Outstanding Research Award from the National Science Council (2008), NTU Excellent Student Mentor Award (2008), NTU Outstanding Teaching Awards (2009, 2014) etc. Since 2011, he has been nominated NTU Distinguished Professor.