Mau-Sheng Lee


  • 英文姓名: Mau-Sheng Lee
  • 職稱: 教授
  • 最高學歷: 日本一橋大學法學博士
  • Tel: 3366-8955
  • email:
  • 專業領域: 刑法總則、刑法分則、少年事件處理法、監獄學、刑事政策學、犯罪學、刑罰學專題研究


After completing his undergraduate studies at NTU and received his Master of Laws at the Graduate Institute of Law at NTU, Professor Mau-Sheng Lee was awarded Doctor of Laws by Hitozubasi University in 1991. He is the author of Law and Life, Power, the Subject and Criminal Law and numerous landmark articles, and he has also translated Criminal Offense and Punishment, originally written in Italian by Cesare Beccaria in 1764, from Japanese version into Chinese one. Professor Mau-Sheng Lee pays close attention to the rights of convicts and to youth probation and has helped amend the Juvenile Law. Professor Mau-Sheng Lee is the instructor of many courses at NTU, including Introduction to Legal Science, Criminology, Criminal Code-General Principles, Criminal Code-Types of Offenses, Case Studies in Criminal Law, Seminar on Penalties, Prisonology, Juvenile Law, and Selected Readings in Japanese Jurisprudence.