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Tax law Lecture
Monday, May 16, 2016, 08:30am - 03:00pm
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Morning Session

Topic: Tax Justice - Globalization and the protection of the right to life embodied in the tax law

Venue:Room 1301, Tsai Lecture Hall

0830-0900 Registration

0900-0910 Speech by Prof. Wen-Chen,Chang (Director of NTU Public Law Center)

0910-1000 Speaker: Prof. Dr. Joachim Englisch(Director of Tax Law Research Center from Muenster University) 

1000-1020 Break

1000-1110 Prof. Dr. Marc Leroy(Sociology professor from Reims University )

1110-1130 Prof. Ke-Chung, Ko(Director of NTU Research Center for Taxation and Public Finance Law)

1130-1200 Q&A

Afternoon Session


Topic: The latest development of the heritage and Gift Tax Law of the two countries, Germany and France 

Venue: Room 1701,Tsai Lecture Hall

Host: Prof. Ke-Chung, Ko

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Joachim Englisch, Prof. Dr. Marc Lero

note: no translation in afternonn session

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