LL.M. Admissions

LL.M. is a research intensive degree for individuals with prior legal knowledge in law related studies. The goal of this program is to enable students to undertake a major research project to broaden their legal horizons.

Admission Requirements:

As an affiliated institution to NTU, College of Law follows the university-wide policy every year on admission requirements, which are regularly issued and updated by our Office of International Affairs.

Furthermore, we don't collect any application materials on our own. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is responsible for the application procedure. Please check out (OIA) website for more application details.
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Chinese Proficiency:

The LL.M. program is competitive and requires Chinese fluency. Although there are English conducted courses available, most of the courses are conducted in Chinese (Mandarin). Thus, applicants considering our LL.M. degree should be aware that they will be required to take a Chinese performance assessment exam.

Graduation Requirements:

According to NTU Regulations, students are required to complete their LL.M degree within 4 years. LL.M. degree can be completed within 2 years, with first year devoted to coursework and second year devoted to thesis writing.

A: Thesis advisor Application Requirements

 Thesis advisors of graduate students are full-time faculty members at this university. In certain cases, with approval from the department chair, students can be supervised by a part-time faculty member.

1. Students enrolled after 2007 academic year should register the thesis advisor and the thesis title before the end of the first semester in the second school year. Students who do not meet the requirement can only register for the degree examination one year after they have actually registered the thesis advisor.

2. Students who wish to engage adjunct professors as the thesis advisor should also engage full-time professors to co-advise simultaneously. In rare cases when engaging adjunct professor to advise alone is necessary, the student should submit application form beforehand and state the reason. The application must be approved by the course committee.


Thesis Advisor Agreement for Master Graduate

Thesis advisor (Adjunct Professor Solely ) Application Form for Master Graduate

Thesis advisor (Professors Outside NTU) Application Form for Master Graduate

B: Credits Requirement

1National Taiwan University has 2 semesters in each school year: fall and spring semester. Students enrolled in the LL.M. program should take at least 4 credits in each semester in their first school year.

2. Students are required to obtain at least 24 credits toward their graduation. The credits can be obtained from U code courses (shared by senior undergraduates and master students) and M code courses (opened to graduate students only) with a final grade no less than B-. PLEASE NOTE that except “U code courses,” credits of other Undergraduate Admission courses, second foreign language courses, or selected readings of foreign language jurisprudence will not be accounted for graduation credits.

3. Students enrolled after the 2011 academic year must complete at least 24 credits of coursework, which is about 12 courses. The 24 credits must include at least 16 credits of M code courses.

However, for students enrolled after the 2017 academic year, M code courses are not including NTU Open Courses, Distance Learning Courses, Courses in University Alliance.

4. Students can gain a maximum of 4 credits from the same course or from  the same professors, but a maximum of 8 credits by the students' thesis advisors.

5. Students can only gain a maximum of 6 credits from courses from other departments. However, if the courses from other departments are related to the students' thesis topic and are approved by the student's thesis advisor, the credits maximum can be 8 credits instead of 6 credits.

6. Students are required to obtain at least 20 credits from U/M code courses of college of Law NTU with a final grade no less than B-.


For further information on the curriculum, please consult:


For further information on the curriculum, please consult:
A detailed list of courses available every semester is provided on this website.


Approval form for Credits offered by other departments for Master Graduate

C: LL.M. Thesis

1. Application
(1) Before November/30 for the first term; before April/30 for the second term
(2) Please go to myNTU website to enroll in the “Online Application System for the Oral Thesis/ Dissertation Defense”, print out the application form and receive the instructor’s signature, and hand it to the office of NTU College of Law with your academic transcript.

2. Thesis Seminar 
(1) Students will have to host a seminar in which his/her thesis is openly discussed. The thesis seminar must be before December/15 for the first term; before May/15 for the second term 
(2) Students should announce the thesis seminar 2 weeks before the seminar takes place, and must hand in the Minutes of thesis seminar afterwards. The minutes have to be at least one-page long and signed by more than 7 participants.)

3. Requirements for Graduation:

(1) Sign-in sheet and paper records of your thesis seminar

(2) The prove of Academic Presentation of Research Center (*When applying for a degree examination, students in the master's program should also submit the prove of academic presentation organized by the centers, research centers of the College of Law or other units, or the journals that have the review mechanism to publish at least one paper. The academic presentation held in public places outside the school will also be counted if they are approved by the dean or the guidance professor.)

(3) Participated in six seminars

(4) Paper revision confirmation form

(5) QA records of thesis oral defense

4. Handing in the Thesis and Graduation Procedures

The students' thesis advisors should submit the list of examining committee members of oral defense (three to five persons) 2 weeks before the oral defense takes place.

Students who successfully pass the oral defense will have to upload their thesis onto the library website and hand in paper copies of the thesis before the designated date. After all the procedures and formalities are done, students can receive the graduation certificate from the Office of Academic Affairs.



Master Thesis Seminar Announcement
Minutes of the Master Thesis Seminar
Qualification Certificate of Master Thesis and Oral Defense
The Letter of Invitation as Master Thesis Oral Defense Committe Member
The Revocation Application Form for Master or Doctoral Degree Examination
List of Oral Defense Committee Members on Master Graduate Thesis
Agreement of Thesis Written in Foreign Languages