Admission Requirements: 

 As an affiliated institution to NTU, College of Law follows the university-wide policy every year on admission requirements, which are regularly issued and updated by our Office of International Affairs. Furthermore, we don't collect any application materials on our own. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is responsible for the application procedure. Please check out (OIA) website for more application details.
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Chinese Proficiency:

The undergraduate law program is competitive and entails some sort of Chinese fluency. Although there are English conducted courses available, most of the courses at the undergraduate level are conducted in Chinese (Mandarin). Thus, applicants considering our B.L. degree should be aware that they will be required to take a Chinese performance assessment exam.

Graduation Requirements:

Students enrolled in this program are anticipated to graduate within 4 years with the longest possible extension of 2 years (6 years in total) Total 136 credits.

For further information on the curriculum, please consult: https://nol.ntu.edu.tw/nol/coursesearch/index.php?lang=EN

A detailed list of courses available every semester is provided on this website.

L.L.B Program Curriculum Requirements

For more accurate and up-to-date info, please check this website(Chinese interface only):



Legal Science

Judicial Administration

Financial Law

General Required Core Courses of NTU
(27 credits)

Chinese Literature(6), 
Foreign Language(6), 
Liberal Education Courses(15), 
Physical Fitness(1), 
Physical Activity and Exercise(3), 
Service Learning (Ⅰ), (Ⅱ), (Ⅲ)(0), 
Online English Program(Advanced English)(Ⅰ), (Ⅱ)(0)

(Physical Education courses do not count towards graduation credits)

Courses Required by the Department of Law
(63 credits)

Constitutional Law (4),
Civil Code-General Principles(3), 
Criminal Code-General Principles(I)(3), 
Criminal Code-General Principles(Ⅱ)(3) 
Civil Code-General Provisions of Obligations(I)(3)

Administrative Law(4)
Administrative Remedy Law(2)
Civil Code-Property(3)
Civil Code-General Provisions of Obligations(Ⅱ)(3)
Civil Code-Kinds of Obligations(3)
Civil Code-Family and Succession Law(3)
Criminal Code-Kinds of Offenses(4)
International Law(2)
Legal History(2)
Negotiable Instrument and Payment Law(2)*

General Principles on Commercial Law and Corporation(3) 
Insurance Code(2)
Code of Civil Procedure (I), (Ⅱ)(6)
Code of Criminal Procedure(4)
Labor Law(2)*
Fair Trade Law(2)*  
Securities Regulation(2)*
*symbol means only need to choose two from the four courses

Total Required Credits


Credits for Elective Courses Required by the Department of Law




Credits for General Elective courses




Total Credits for Graduation


  • Labor Law(2)*, Negotiable Instrument and Payment Law(2)*, Fair Trade Law(2)*, Securities Regulation(2)*, of these 4 courses, select 2 courses (4 credits) to take.