Exchange Program

NTU college of Law has a growing number of international exchange partners around the globe.

Each year, we welcome many international students from our partner institutions who embark as exchange students on our academic programs. 

Students who participate in an exchange program normally pay domestic fees to their home university and attend classes at NTU College of Law.

Generally, exchange students have no restrictions on the types of courses they may take at NTU.

However, students should be aware that although English courses are also available, most courses are still conducted in Chinese language.

Students are recommended to consult with their home institution regarding acceptable transfer credit courses.


At NTU, there are 2 types of exchange programs

The first type is University level exchange program, which is organized and conducted by the NTU Office of International Affairs.

The second type is College level exchange program, which is organized and conducted by NTU College of Law.


1) The University Level Exchange Program

For the information regarding the University level Exchange Program, please link to NTU Office of International Affairs.

How to Apply


2) The College Level Exchange Program

The college level exchange program only accepts students who are nominated by our partner institutions.

Nominated students would have to submit their application before the deadline.

For details about nomination deadline, application deadline, and application procedures, please refer to our factsheet below.

(Please refer to our factsheet below) 

Link to : Factsheet