Visiting Faculty Application

Becoming a NTU International Scholar! 

   To increase international academics exchanges, NTU College of Law welcomes visiting scholars from all over the world. Prospective visiting scholars shall begin with submitting documents including application forms, the proof of eligibility and research plans to International Office of College of Law for a full-time professor position.

   1.Department Application Form (Word)
Once confirmed by the department, scholars are required to submit another application to NTU Office of International Affair (OIA).

   2.OIA Application Form (Word)
The document reviewing process normally takes 3-4 months. One invitation letter will be issued and delivered once the prospective scholar is accepted.

Prior to Your Arrival!

Confirmation of the Arrival Date

Accepted scholars shall confirm the arrival date with International Office of NTU Law for further schedule arrangement.

Visa/Entrance Permit Application

International Scholars (not from mainland China)are responsible for applying R.O.C. visa prior to your entrance. 
For scholars from mainland China, a R.O.C. Entrance Permit, different from Visa, is required for entering Taiwan. Required documents shall be provided by scholars to International Office of College of Law for permit application.

Fill in the OIA International Scholar Information Form

Accepted scholars are required to fill in an informational form before coming. (Information Form)

Housing Application

Visiting scholars are responsible to arrange their own housing during the period of staying.
Hsiu Chi House – Please contact Prince Housing ( Tel: +886(0)2 2363 1066 ext. 40199 ) directly.

When You Arrive!

At the first day of your arrival to NTU Law, you are required to pay the program administration fee. Airport-campus communication and campus orientation can be arranged if requested. You are also required to provide a speech during your visit, the topic of such speech can be discussed and decided with your host professor. 
For more information, please refer to OIA International Scholar’s Handbook.(Pdf)
During the visit, visiting scholars can find a range of information, both personal and work-related at the Office of International Affair.