Research Centers

Various Research Centers focusing on different areas of law have been set up within the College of Law to help students specialize in particular areas of law. These research centers have proven to be extremely successful and have attracted researchers from other departments and universities. The research centers promote interdisciplinary synergy and ensure that research responds to the needs of social and economic development.

Generally, research centers engage in organizing academic gatherings, hosting distinguished scholars from prestigious legal institutions, as well promoting exchange programs with foreign institutions so as to introduce international perspectives on current legal issues. These research centers help integrate human and research resources of the College and enhance academic interaction and communication between students and professors. 

Some centers function as think-tanks, offering legal consultations to the government. For example, the Asian Center for WTO and International Health Law and Policy established in 2003, has provided numerous legal consultations to the government, not to mention several position paper and WTO proposals, in its first year of operation. This research center assists the Taiwanese government in economic and trade negotiations. The center provides over one hundred and fifty services and is enormously appreciated by the government and has gained substantial recognition for the College of Law. 

The long term goal of NTU College of Law is to establish closer and more regular academic relations with similar centers in other countries. 

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Subjects Centers
Fundamental Legal Studies Center
Public Law Center
Civil Law Center
Center of Criminal Justice
Commercial Law Center
Research Centers
Center for Law and Society
Center for Law and Technology and Ethics
Center for Corporate and Financial Law
Center for Human Rights and Jurisprudence
Asian Center for WTO and International Health Law and Policy
Policy and Law Center for Environmental Sustainability
European Union Law Research Center
Research Center for Taxation and Public Finance Law
Comparative Law Center