NTU's 90th Anniversary

NTU's 90th Anniversary

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of NTU, the College of Law will invite a number of international scholars and experts to deliver a series of lectures on various legal issues.

The presentations will be classified into three parts.

The first part will be “Lectures from International Scholars.” As well-known international scholars will be presenting the latest legal development in different jurisdictions. 

The second part will be “Lectures from Scholars of Partner Institutions.” As we will invite scholars from partner institutions to share their research publications and academic researches with us.

The last part will be “Conferences with Partner Institutions.” As we will hold the academic conferences with our partner institutions at NTU. During the conferences, scholars from different universities will share and discuss their researches on different legal issues with our professors. Therefore, the goal for organizing the conferences is to promote academic interaction and communication with our partner institutions.