Message from the Dean

Nurturing future leaders of the world has always been one of our greatest objectives in NTU Law. Over the years, we have had the honour to nourish students who ultimately became the elites of our society: presidents, grand justices, high ranking government officers, legislators and more. Therefore, it is our unshirkable responsibility to provide the best education that not only prepares our students for their future, but also assists them to achieve excellence.

In the generation of technological development and fierce competition, a jurist’s ability shall not be limited to the learning of traditional legal studies. Other attributes such as international visions, communication skills, morals, qualities in humanity, familiarity in technology and commercial activities must be acquired to adapt to the changing world. Thus, NTU Law will continue to provide well-rounded courses for our students in the hope of producing the best lawyers, scholars, teachers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and leaders for Taiwan and the global market.

So let us march together, my beloved students, to greatness, to success, and to the better future of our world.

Best regards,
Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law Tsung-Fu Chen
NTU College of Law