Message from the Dean

          National Taiwan University College of Law has its special significance in Taiwanese society. Our outstanding alumni include three presidents (two former presidents and one still incumbent), court chiefs, legislators, and government leaders. I can assertively say that the social responsibility of College of Law is different from other colleges and departments. In order to educate our students to become future leaders in our society, our education is the key to their success.

        Most of our law students are admitted to our college with high academic standings. With their exceptional talents, our mission is to make sure that they develop essential law related skills, strengths, and abilities before they graduate. Our expectation towards our graduating students is that they will be able to reach their full potential and capability to surpass other graduating students in the same class year.

       In this highly competitive era with ongoing progress of advanced technology, the knowledge and skills that a legal person should possess cannot be only limited to the traditional field and values of law. As expecting our students to become future leaders in our society, they should not only just understand how to be a law enforcer or policy executor. Instead, they should learn how to become policy decision makers in our society.

        Therefore, our students must expand their worldviews and develop their international communication skills. They must also possess the knowledge and skills toward technological intelligence and business. Other than the above, I wish that our students may also be able understand the values of humanistic quality and always have a kind spirit to help others who is in need.

       In order to fulfill our expectations toward our students, we will open new courses related to language, technology, and business. I firmly believe that there is only one major challenge for our students to face from now on, which is the Global Market.

   Law students, let's move forward together!

                                                                                                Tsung-Fu Chen

                                                                                                August 14, 2019