Friday, June 20, 2014

All sessions will be held at Tsai Lecture Hall 1F, College of Law, National Taiwan University

* Please note that changes and updates may be made due to further planning.

08:30 –

Registration (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)


Opening Ceremony (International Conference Hall)

•       Dean, National Taiwan University

Prof. Dr. Tsung-Fu Chen

•       Dean, College of Law, National Taiwan University

Prof. Dr. Ming-Yang Hsieh

•       President, Asian Law and Economics Association

Prof. Dr. Wen-Yeu Wang


Plenary Session: Keynote Address (International Conference Hall)

Prof. Dr. Saul Levmore, “The Evolution of Concentrated and Distributed Responsibilities”


Coffee Break (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)




Session 1: Evolution of Private Law in China and Taiwan – Contract  (International Conference Hall)

Chair: Nicholas Howson

Wen-Yeu Wang & Tsung-fu Chen, “Evolution of Contract Law in Taiwan”

Ge Zheng & Wei Shen, “Evolution of Contract Law in China”

Discussant: Bing Ling

Session 2: Corporate Law 1(Moot Court)

Chair: Xiang Cai

Nitzan Shilon , “CEO Stock Ownership Policies - Rhetoric and Reality

DiscussantKuang-Wei Chueh

Nitzan Shilon , “The Case for Managerial Signaling in Adjudicating Hostile Takeovers”

DiscussantChun-Jen Chen

Nitzan Shilon, “Conceptulizing Short – Termism”

Discussant: Chang-Hsien Tsai

Session 3:  Methodology 1 (Conference Room 4)

ChairTung-Liang Jiang

Yu-Wei Tony Yang ,“A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Non-medical Exemption Law and Vaccine Uptake on Vaccine Targeted Disease Rates”

Discussant: Takuhei Shimogawa

Xin He. “Do the Haves Come Out Ahead in Shanghai Courts?”

Discussant: Wei-Xia Gu

Hiromi Fujimori, “Tax Payment of Consumers in Behavioural Economics  ”

Discussant: Kuniyoshi Saito


Coffee Break (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)




Session 1: Evolution of Private Law in China and Taiwan – Torts(International Conference Hall)

Chair: Ariel Porat

Tze-Shiou Chien, “Evolution of Torts in Taiwan”

Wei Zhang , “The Evolution of the Law of Torts in China: A Bird's Eye View

Discussant: Dong Jin Lee

Session 2: International Trade(Moot Court)

Chair: Tsai-Yu Lin

Si-Yu Li ,“New Trend to Incorporate the WTO "Soft Law"”

Discussant: Ching-Wen Hsueh

Stephan Wittig, “ The Impact of Investment Arbitration: An Event Study Approach”

Discussant: Tsai-Yu Lin

Wei-Xia Gu ,“Derivative Action or Securities Arbitration in China: Seeking A Better Alternative to Retail Shareholder Protection”

Discussant: Jen-Guang Lin

Session 3: Corporate Law 2  (Confernece Room 4)

Chair: Zhi-Min Liao

Jinkee Bantug,“A Critique of Recent Governance Reforms of State-Owned Enterprises in the Philippines and Their Proposed Improvements”

Discussant: Nitzon Shilon

Eiko Arata & Takuhei Shimogawa ,“A Verification of Rationality of Depreciation Rules by Cooperative Game Theory”

Discussant: Zhi-Min Liao

Chang-Hsien Tsai, “The Failure of Internal Information Sharing and Internal Controls - A Focus on Case Studies in Taiwan”

Discussant: Xiao-Chuan Weng


Lunch Break (Tsai Lecturer Hall 4th & 5th floors)


Plenary Session: Keynote Address (International Conference Hall)

Prof. Dr. Bruno Deffains, “Economics of Legal Evolution and Legal Harmonization”


Coffee Break (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)




Session 1: Evolution of Private Law in China and Taiwan – Property  (International Conference Hall)

Chair: Yeong-Chin Su

Yun-Chien Chang, “The Evolution of Property Law in Taiwan: An Unconventional Interest Group Story”

Shitong Qiao“The Evolution of Land Law in China: Partial Reform, Vested Interests, and Small Properties”

Discussant: Saul Levmore

Session 2: Corporate Law 3  (Moot Court)

Chair: Wang-Ruu Tseng

Hatsuru Morita ,“Corporate Law Reform and Political Environment: An Empirical Analysis Employing Public Comment Procedure Data”

Discussant: Yu-Hsin Lin

Fatt Hee Tie“Changing the Corporate Landscape: Towards Improved Corporate Governance”

Discussant: Hsin-Ti Chang

Jin-hua Cheng, The Rise of IPO Lawyers in Transitional China 

DiscussantWang-Ruu Tseng


Coffee Break (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)


Session 1: Evolution of Private Law in China and Taiwan – Business Organization  (International Conference Hall)

Chair: Qi Zhang

Ching-Ping Shao & Wang-Ruu Tseng, “The Evolution of Taiwan Company Law: A Focus on the Blockholder-Centric Model”

Ruoying Chen (presented by Jian-Lin Chen), “Evolution of Business Organization Law in China”

Discussant: Nicholas Howson


Welcome Banquet

(Living One Taipei, Ming-Da Building, National Taiwan University)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

All sessions will be held at Tsai Lecture Hall 1F and 5F (Room 1501), College of Law, National Taiwan University

* Please note that changes and updates may be made due to further planning.

08:30 –17:30

Registration (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)

09:00 –10:15


Session 1: Court 1(Moot Court)

Chair: Bruno Deffrains

Yun-Chien Chang ,“Anchoring Effect in Real Litigation: An Empirical Study”

Discussant: Bruno Deffains

Louis Visscher ,“The Duty of Lawyers to Serve Their Clients’ Interests An Economic and Psychological Account”

Discussant: Jing-Huey Shao

Session 2: Methodology 2 (Conference Room 4)

Chair: Chia-Shin Hsu

Marian Panganiban ,“To Friends Everything, to Strangers the Law: An Experimental Study on Group Identity, Contract Enforcement, and Trust Relations”

Discussant: Hui-Feng Hsu

Mathias Siems ,“A Network-Based Taxonomy of the World's Legal Systems”

Discussant: Chia-Shin Hsu

Steven S. Kan,“Bubble as Propertization Failure

Discussant: Gwang-Syung Hwang

Session 3: Corporate Law 4  (Room 1501)

Chair: Ming-Jye Huang

Peter Krebs & Stefanie Jung ,“Business Networks, Economic Findings and Governance Structures”

Discussant: Te-Fang Chu

Xiang Cai ,“The Case Against a Uniform Mandatory Disclosure Regime for Global Securities Markets - Insights from Financial Economics”

Discussant: Ming-Jye Huang

Yueh-Ping Yang ,“In Search of the Type IV Agency Cost and Its Solution: Revisiting the Corporate Governance of Banks in a Developmental State Context

DiscussantHatsuru Morita


Coffee Break (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)


Session 1: Private Law 1  (Moot Court)

Chair: Jer-Shenq Shieh

Ariel Porat  ,“Offsetting Benefits”

DiscussantYun-Chien Chang

Yun-Chien Chang ,“Optional Law in Property: A Theoretical Critique”

Discussant: Ariel Porat

Jian-Lin Chen“Property Rights Arrangement in Emerging Natural Resources: A Case Study of China's Nationalization of Wind and Sunlight”

Discussant: Jer-Shenq Shieh

Session 2: Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy in East Asia  (Conference Room 4)

Chair:Jy-Ban Jou

Joon Yong Jo ,“Welfare Policy for a Sustainable Development Koreas Productive Welfare and the National Basic Livelihood Security System”

Discussant: Jau-Rong Chen

Qin Gao“Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy in China: Polarization or Harmony?”

DiscussantHui-Fen Hung

Shu-Jung Lee ,“Eight Years After - the Poverty Dynamics of the New Poor Families”

DiscussantQin Gao


Lunch Break (Tsai Lecturer Hall 4th & 5th floors)


Session 1: Private Law 2  (Moot Court)

ChairSteven S. Kan

Kim-Sau Chung ,“Designing Property Rights over Land in Rural China”

Discussant: Shitong Qiao

Ariel Porat ,“Valuable Lies”

Discussant: Steven S. Kan

Yun-Chien Chang, “Pain and Suffering Damages in Wrongful Death Cases: An Empirical Study”

Discussant: Louis Visscher

Session 2: Private Law 3  (Conference Room 4)

ChairPo-Han Fong

Andy C. M. Chen ,“Cartel Under The Taiwan Fair Trade Act: An Evolutionary Perspective”

Discussant: Wei Shen

Samuel Ferey,“Multiple Causation Apportionment and the Shapley Value”

Discussant: Po-Han Fong

Arash Izadi, “Economic Sanctions Against the Islamic Republic of Iran: From the Human Rights Perspective”

Discussant: Ashley Cheng

Session 3: Innovation Law  (Room 1501)

Chair: Chung-Lun Shen

Nobuya Fukugawa ,“University Spillover before the National Innovation System Reform in Japan: Localization, Mechanisms, and Intermediaries

Discussant: Hiromi Fujimori

Xiao-Dong Yuan ,“Empirical Research on Patent Compensation in China”

Discussant:Chung-Lun Shen

Andy C. M. Chen,“IP Strategy and Strategic Uses of IPRS: In Search of A Coherent Antitrust Balance”

Discussant: Chun-Yan Wang


Coffee Break (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)


Session 1: Private Law 4  (Moot Court)

ChairWei Zhang

Yun-Chien Chang“Pain and Suffering Damages in Personal Injury Cases: An Empirical Study”

DiscussantJian-Lin Chen

Jian-Yong Li ,“Economic Analysis to the Case of "Tiger's Biting Human Body"”

DiscussantWei Zhang

Ying Yue“Introduction of Mainland China M&A Security Review Mechanism and Its Several Problems”

DiscussantChia-Heng Seetoo

Session 2 : Court 2  (Conference Room 4)

Chair: Shu-Chin Kuo

Jing-Huey Shao ,“Law and Economic Analysis of Class Action Mechanisms in the Comparative Contexts”

Discussant: Mathias Siems

Ashley Cheng ,“An Economics Model for Structures of the Legal Profession”

Discussant: Shu-Chin Kuo

Toshiyuki Kono & Paulius Jurcys ,“Deciding Who Decides in Conflict of Laws: Institutional Perspective”

Discussant: Frederick Tung

Session 3: Corporate Law 5  (Room 1501)

Chair: Lawrence S. Liu

Assaf Hamdani ,“In Defense of Concentrated Ownership”

Discussant: Christopher Gulinello

Xiao-Chuan Weng“Should Insiders be Afraid of Punishment? Assessing the Efficiency of Chinese Insider Trading Administrative Sanctions with Empirical Data”

Discussant: Lawrence S. Liu

Hairong Mu ,“EU's Positions on Net Neutrality: A Regulative Perspective”

Discussant: Li-Dar Wang


Coffee Break (Tsai Lecture Hall Ground Floor)


Session 1: Bankruptcy Law  (Moot Court)

Chair: Omer Kimhi

Zuo-Fa Wang ,“The Political Economy of the Implementation of the Bankruptcy Law of China”

Discussant: Cheng-Hsien Hsu

Frederick Tung ,“Roll-ups, Debtor-in-Possession Financing, and Creditor Control in Bankruptcy Reorganization”

Discussant: Omer Kimhi

Omer Kimhi,“Bankruptcy Law as a Balancing System - Lessons from a Comparative Analysis of the Intersection Between Labor and Bankruptcy Laws”

DiscussantYu-Ting Lin

Session 2 : Competition Law  (Confernece Room 4)

Chair: Shin-Yi Peng

Samuel Ferey & Marc Deschamps,“Is the French Competition Authority a Libertarin Paternalist Court”

Discussant: Chin Ming Chen

Tamer Çetin ,“The Regulatory Reform in the Turkish Telecommunications Industry”

Discussant: Ming-Hui Huang

Kuniyoshi Saito,“Deregulation and Safety: Evidence from the Taxicab Industry”

Discussant: Chia-Li Shih 

Session 3: Corruption  (Room 1501)

Chair: Tao Xi

Bambang Suprayitno,“Fiscal Decentralization and Corruption: The Facts in Regional Autonomy in Indonesia”

Discussant: Qing Zhang

Timotius Hendrik Partohap Silitonga,“Better Late Than Never; An Assessment of Court Decisions of Corruption Cases in Indonesia using Hazard Model”

Discussant: Eiko Arata